$PHIL so is he just hoping everyone forgets about it?… “detailed news to follow next week”?? Dang this is one slow week!🤣
@DiggingDownDeepDaily You do know that other people can also see all his tweets right? He sent this tweet on August 12 and the partner preparing this announcement got sick with Covid which he sent a tweet about it on August 24 and apologized for the delay. Then he talked about this on his September 14 Conference call and announced it there. He delivered his promise. Stop making things up
@Shawn2024 please enlighten me what exactly I’m “making up”by posting his own tweets? And what exactly has he done? No other tweet has been made about it, it got dropped like a sack of potatoes.. this is the ONLY tweet even remotely referencing it which still doesn’t address it at all! It’s something completely different than what he mentioned in the other tweet about a decentralized token using “blockchain and crypto technology” all he did was incorporate a new company.. something that takes Pennies to do.. but again not at all the same thing as he tweeted back in January.. 🤣🤙🏼