$MJLB - Given the CEO’s statement about “final lap” of certification and the 6-8 week process and prior tweets I’d anticipate their certification will be complete by the end of the first week in March. Load up!
@DigiRati so curious if you don’t mind..it looks to me that this is in answer to the question, how long does the certification process take? If so, only if so, I would imagine he would read that as, once the application is submitted. They are submitting end of Feb. So it should be approved by early May at the latest (March and April comprising the 6-8 weeks). Or is this an answer to a different question? Sorry if I’m not reading it right 🧐
@manunfurled - it’s a good question. Worst case end of March. They hashtagged Q1 in their Twitter post and said everything was on track and on schedule.
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