$LUNA.X @DigitalDataNomad yes, if your door is wide open…you’re going to get robbed. In fact, you’re welcoming it. Do kwon was told for years that the death spiral could happen. If this dude or girl, or whoever the hell this person is wants to make excuses be my guess. Don’t listen to me either. However, this dude below is an all time simple
@DigitalDataNomad Aw, thank you. Doge chain will be coming soon. I hope for a pump out of it lol. Been holding this bag forever lol. As far as all that other stuff you explained. Way to complicated for me to figure all of that out. I wonder sometimes, how many people have me blocked (my guess would be many 🤣) I think I have somewhere around 30 blocked myself at this point. I used to block the ones that would say nasty crude things to me (like ken masters) and now I just block anyone that pisses me off., or calls me a dude lol. I like the stock boards much better then the crypto boards. I never got in to it with anyone over there. The guys are are all so sweet and polite. The crypto pages are nothing but a bunch of nasty filthy lude and crude degens! I kinda enjoy popping in there and ruffling some feathers every now and again. Don’t wana lose my skill, ya know (LMAO!) 🤣🤣🤣
@TheLisaNator If you look under tab Blocked you'll see both who you blocked and who blocked you. It's easy to open in Incognito window. Right click the link and a menu comes up. But you prob cannot do it in app (have to do it in web browser).
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