$BGFV has so many stores in California and with guns/ammo being a big driver in revenue for both chains that puts a handicap on $BGFV in the short term when compared to $ASO. There isn't a single $ASO store that has gun/ammo restrictions. And believe me there is a big ammo and gun section in every Academy. As for $BGFV stores in California... Well no offense but try walking into a store and buying an AR-15 with some ammo to go along with it in any store in Cali. Good luck. Even at that... All AR's are "California Compliant". What a joke - no thanks. No one in Cali is buying that crap. Made good gains on $BGFV a couple weeks ago but I'm dating $ASO now. Academy is the value play here. Just bite your nails or scream at your dog when this dips but don't sell. You'll be rewarded. Also please do not comment on how to go through the process of buying ammo or firearms in California I don't like having communism explained to me.
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