@amf99 @PennyWeasel @stOnksOnlyGoUp26 It's been downhill since they first started the Offering and ATM back in the 11's. It's a good thing they said. Yada yada yada SA guru's jump on board chatting it up. We'll see what is what but in the mean time I'll just do what I have been doing. Dividend back to .10 and the premium returns and things change.
@amf99 @PennyWeasel @stOnksOnlyGoUp26 @twolfcon History trivia for the evening. Where I grew up through my teen years. Picture from way before my time. This is a very large lake and back in the day it was an adventure just to get there. My father would fly in back in the 30' and 40's cause the roads were so bad. Bars and Resorts would have hundreds of boats but motors were rare. Tow Boats would tow groups out and then come back later to tow them back. Cars in the pic are cool. Bars Booze Fish and Ladies of the Evening.