$SKLZ Mr Paradise, please share user cohort P&L for annual and lifetime time periods. This is critical for investors to understand Skillz unit economics. You repeatedly stated Skillz can be profitable if they chose to stop investing in growth. The P&Ls of the 2016 – 2020 user cohorts should substantiate this claim. On the P&L, the “Sales and Marketing” expense is a single line item that is a summation of new user acquisition costs (adding new users to platform) + user engagement costs (getting existing users to spend). Investors need transparency into these costs in the form of a breakdown at the user cohort level. For example, for the 2019 user cohort: Lifetime Revenue: $133.4M (from Q3 report, yrs'19,'20) (-) User Acquisition Cost: ___? (-) Lifetime User Engagement Costs: ____? (=) 2019 User Cohort Lifetime NOI (yrs 2019, 2020)