$KOLD NG could very well go higher so don't buy KOLD unless you have an exit plan if it starts moving or you won't kill yourself. The bear case is that KOLD is based on the September contract when temperates usually decline. The price in August typically goes down. The energy market has been on the rise and hit it's 100 day sma and pulled back. Hopefully that was the top. The last major pullback on NG, XLE and oil were all coming down. Oil is also coming down and is now below it's 200 day sma. Equities are over bought. There are plenty of reasons for NG to come down, but look at the last time and you will see if swung much more wildy than this. If you can't day trade and time it, the best thing to do is not bet too much and wait or don't trade it. The chance of NG shooting ball up is real, so just know that.