$ENPH $ENPH Great to see our stock doing well. But feel the need for a political post. Purely personal opinion from a physician in COVID-19 management. I believe this disease, although severe for the at risk population, has been completely mismanaged purely because of politics. Tens of thousands of lives could’ve been saved by early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc. This was endorsed for a coronavirus 15 years ago by Dr. Fauci (the fake). At risk individuals such as healthcare workers, nursing home patients, people with diabetes, should have received Hydroxy and zinc prophylactically. Otherwise, treat immediately upon symptoms even before test results. Children should be back at school since they are at extremely low risk and are not serious vectors. Not a single teacher worldwide has gotten COVID-19 from a student. Masks were a good idea 4 months ago when Fauci said no to masks. Huge percentage of population now immune, so what’s the point? Bring on the trolls
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@Shadowdoc1 lol don't feed the trolls , they do as they are told by King fauci and the dems. What's strange is haven't heard of a single outbreak at a Walmart or grocery store either yet how many workers worldwide interacting with people.