Summary of what's going on: $LMFA's subsidiary LMFAO, will sponsor and thereby own 20% of a new SPAC called LMAO, which will start trading at an offering price of $10 and which will be managed by the team at LMFA. Question: Setting the ridiculous abbreviations aside, why would $LMFA run so hard? Sure they will indirectly own 20% shares of the upcoming $LMAO ticker (which they paid for), but how will that boost $LMFA's performance exactly? It's not like $LMFA will get 20% of the future income of $LMAO just by owning 20% of shares... right? Is the market expecting dividends to make up for the 300%+ run? What will 20% of $LMAO add to the bottom line of $LMFA, exactly? Of course I am happy to be banking on this as of now, but to me this seems just a total nonsense pump solely based on the word "SPAC". Would love to be wrong. Show me what I am wrong about or have missed, please.