$RNLX Supply of shares is non-existent Nobody is willing to sell at these prices You can see it on the chart as well similarly in the days consecutively after the margin call the volume was similarly atrocious and low however there was still some shares shuffling around from folks who absorbed the selling pressure before it had to move upwards to get anybody to be willing to take profits on their shares They crushed it back down after getting technicals red hot to scoop up shares on the way down hitting people's stoplosses for taking profits on their shares they likely absorbed in the previous dip We're at the point they can't get shares at these levels (17k volume in almost first 3 hours of trading) Any buying action or covering action and this will pop hard On top of that they've been manipulating ttmsqueeze delaying its cross above signal line and crushing macd to force an additional bottom before this likely has a spring moment upwards to re-test 29-30 resistance trend line
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