$RGBP Board needs serious education. The longer you invest/trade the more obvious the truth of it all becomes: NO ONE KNOWS SHIT Your chart indicators can all point to one direction, and the opposite happens. Could there be a plan all lined up and ready for action? Yes. Could there not be a plan and this stock price will plummet along with the company? Also yes. Hedge your bets. Use your best judgment. Some things we do know for sure, this stock always bounces off these levels, always. The community around this stock is a big one. Regularly has high volume. Even “low” volume days are high compared to a lot of similar OTC stocks. And that’s an important detail as well, this is the OTC. Anything, and I mean anything, can happen. I’m of the mindset that this will have another massive run in it to the .08 levels. I’ve massively swung this twice, looking for that “3rd times a charm” run, soon.