$TRVN Almost 2 years ago to this date was my e-mail to the FDA prior to PUDFA where we lost 7-8 in counts. Not going to lie, I was bitter with the decision and holding $10K shares below $1.50. I took the loss then but not now. Only $5K shares now with a $2.80 average as I kept TRVN on the back burner but never out of sight. I salute and applaud the true longs for holding over these past 2+ years without loss of enthusiasm or foresight. I can only post 1 image every 1 hour by STs rules if you care to read further. Again, mad respect to all the true longs on this forum! Hope you guys/gals get an amazing ROI that withstood the test of time and your unwavering patience. I look forward to prescribing Oliceridine ASAP. Again, much respect! Have a great weekend, upcoming holidays, and the rest of 2020 with many bounties year by year.
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@DocStarMD Thank you for that letter you wrote back in 2018! I thought there was something wrong with my ST App because I read your BCRX posts all the time and then suddenly see your post about TRVN??? 🤨 I didn’t realize you’re invested here, too! 😃. I’m finding out that there are more and more medical professional invested and investing in TRVN and that gives me a lot more confidence ☺️ I haven’t sold a single share yet, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t scared 😨 when the stock was down. Great place to be at now 😍 Hope you’re off for the weekend and have a restful night!