$TRVN Mallinckodt “bankrupt” because of OxyContin/Oxycodone “NOT” being addictive. They were the largest producers of these meds till the FDA investigated (oh and Cramer pumped this stock on CNBC). $126 to 14 cents just like that. I’m liking the chances of Trevena every day since I got back in 2 weeks ago. Yes, I regret ever leaving but I poured my heart out to the FDA (see below my post way, way down there 👇🏽) and broke ranks because of pure disgust and hatred to the “wallet stuffers” in D.C from even bigger pharma. Cheers 🍻 to all the longs who endured since 2018 (you know who you are 😉)! Happy to aboard with you all once again! Great platform and amazing human beings on here. You guys/gals absolutely deserve this . BTW: @GalTrader is following me? I didn’t know till just a few minutes ago. She always had her eyes on the prize AND she definitely is NOT a bot. Thanks you and all the best... Breaking news: GalTrader has officially unfollowed me b/c of me being a dumbass
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