$ATOM somebody tell me how the f mngt sits there watching its stock go from $33 to $23AND not a word a news release nothing on new jda’s or licensing or something substantive business related- mngt is obtuse as to pr and Ir - a release on 300 patents is what they put out. How tone deaf? To Bibaud: It’s 2021 and not 1980, you need to communicate the value proposition of Atomera by continuously releasing news to the investment community not just showing up for a quarterly conference call. You are competing for investors attention daily- your IR/pr is horrendous. You act like this is a private company, it is not, it’s publicly traded on Nasdaq. You need to close and deliver the jda(s) I’m tired of the excuses - you can either do it or you can’t. If you can’t let’s get the right person for the job now. It’s 2022 in 5 weeks and Atomera needs a new jockey in the ceo suite- it’s time Bishop needs to be fired and what the f is the Hoffman Agency doing? Dead weight both of them.