$CHFS so game on, people. I suggested weeks ago that I didn’t understand how big investors would agree to buy 25m shares in order to sell into a 10m share float that wasn’t particularly liquid. We know that covid is sucking up available dialysis machines which helps aquadex filter sales going forward. But that couldn’t generate enough retail investor interest to take the stock off their hands. What could? The filter. Cytosorb filter was used worldwide 88k times in q1. For all kinds of diagnoses. Chfs is a mom an pop with sales of aquadex filters around 1.5k in q1, imagine the possibility of competing for the cytokine market against a competitor whose data was so soft that the fda didn’t let them sell in their own country until covid. Either way my premise has been that they are the NOs and there is no way the company can court their votes without lowering the warrant priceq1.