$NVVE I am just going to start labeling other charge points in the proper unit of measurement, Nuvve's. Chargepoint $CHPT still trading 30x+ Nuvve's & but is projecting 3.5x more than Nuvve, so, 30x / 3.5x = ~8.5x Nuvve's. $CLII is trading for 14x Nuvve's & projecting less than Nuvve. SNPR is trading for 8.5x Nuvve's & is only projecting just a little more than Nuvve. $BLNK is trading for 6.5x Nuvve's & is projecting less than Nuvve. TPGY is trading for ~10x Nuvve's but is projecting 3x more than so Nuvve is ~3.5x undervalued to TPGY. Again, none of these have the connections Nuvve has with Biden Admin. The cheaper ones like TPGY are more Europe = less infrastructure bill exposure. Nuvve gets exposure to more aspects of bill Now, all these companies might have built in substantial dilution upon merger linked to price not in equation. Nuvve's minimal incentives are tied to meeting 2021 revenue projections, not a share price, which means Nuvve is also more shareholder friendly.
@SPACtori you are dumb af. Please do little studying buddy and understand business model per company. CHPT controls 75%+ in US alone not counting EU. 90% of people who owns EV are mid upper class since EV price is still fairly high, very small number 2% has Volt or other names than Tesla. This means, its usually people with high paying jobs. Do you have a clue where the charging is usually conducted? At FAANG, its at work since free for us. Do you know which company chargers are installed at ALLLLLLLL FAANG? Look below we have over 1000+ chargers alone in Mountain View CA. FAANG has campus in almost every city with good engineering school, austin TX, UCSD, Berkely/SF, NY Now do you know where is another place people charge? It’s at home. Home charging market is the only place EVGO, Nuuve, CHPT, EV connect, Freewire has a chance. FYI 80% of city library and apartments are also taken by CHPT. Epitome of an Illiterate, you are....