$DPLS Unfortunately we will probably see another down day tomorrow as it gravitates towards a congested area around low to mid 2s that contains all of the things that it could possibly bounce off of (deviation channel, 20 sma and symmetrical triangle trendline. If it does not stay in the triangle, it could get ugly. MACD about to reach the crossover line. Ideally we want it to reset green, but after already complete 2 green cycles in a row, I would not get hopes up. Hopefully, if it crosses over to red, it is a short-lived bearish MACD. We have yet to get the volume spike that occurred before the last 2 big motive waves. Hopefully we get that tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest. Hopefully, it eventually sinks in that the Texas crisis is a perfect example of how Dark Pulse applications can prevent tragic situations from happening again.
@Triangle_Offense I am thinking we will hit .026. Unfortunately I think it's the Conv 2 point on this chart. But it is also bittersweet because I have funds clearing tomorrow. Thoughts? @rec01 and @Harry_Wang and I were all discussing earlier. Either way, up or down I am adding.