$DPLS good close today to stay above that .155, especially with the market pressure. This is a win. Red days are part of it. Get used to it. Catalysts inbound, tactician at the helm. Solid company, and my favorite - the 4 Ts. Happy to be here, I'll be here for years. Know what you own and keep an eye out for OGs and bulls sharing links and independently verifiable content. @NEXgen6G , @MissVal , @xMavx , @fellowlong , @Diman517 , @WEIRDddPAYOFF , @goofywhiteguy34 , @4whom_the_bell_tolz , @You_Aint_the_Boss_of_Me , @Gway0524 and I can't think of the rest off the top of my head... not trying to play favorites or anything just been noticing. Sign up for company news straight from the horse's mouth here πŸ‘‡ ir.darkpulse.com/ Don't take financial advice from internet strangers, follow the content providers and let the company speak for itself. Invest your strategy, if you don't have one, get one ASAP. Learn how to spot irrational exuberance. Good luck. #Godzillionaires