$JE I’m not sure where some are seeing a Price Target above 1 for JE right now. There are only 2 recent analysts providing estimates on the stock. There have been previous analysts estimates from earlier this year, but currently, the consensus is .30 PT with a high of .38. This “may” get more analysis after the reverse split moving it out of the penny zone. Here’s why will move this stock - and I’ve said this before. * Analyst upgrades and revised price targets after the reverse split * Additional 2 quarters with top AMD bottom line earnings beat. * announcing reinstatement of their dividend (which was quite a nice yield!) Keep in mind this is not a growth stock that moves on groundbreaking news. What could they possibly announce? This is a UTILITY company. They aren’t developing any earth shattering products, the stock price moves primarily on fundamentals. Slow and steady climb out of the basement. Add in the bag holders that want to get out on the way up.