$TELL I rarely post but most of you know I hold 250,000.00 shares of Tellurian. Once and a while I'll read people's opinions and speculations for entertainment and mostly just shake my head. I'll say this once. The world wants low C02 emitted energy. If you think windmills and solar panels are gonna cut it, you're sadly mistaken. Why LNG? Because every Solar and Wind Farm requires back up LNG. As the FED continues to devalue the US dollar through non stop money printing out of thin air, this weakens the USD making energy cheaper for other Nations to buy. The more the dollar drops the more likely a deal will be made. The dollar will collapse and deals will come pouring in. That's the plan all along. Biden will take the credit. When this takes off, it will be quick and you may miss it. Buy some stock, ignore the intraday moves, sit back, enjoy your life as best as you can during this engineered covid plandemic.
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