$XL efoellmer@xlfleet.com I emailed them personally because frankly it’s gotten to that point this company is slacking in many things in my opinion and this is what I had to say. I’ve been invested since 11/02/20 and frankly am underwhelmed with the Ability to keep positive attention on XL and what the goal of this lovely company is, my main issues are first the fact that as a holder of a six figure position in your public stock I’m unable to Ascertain what you’re contract retention is with customers, along with frankly very and I mean VERY underwhelming information on your “tech” the short videos detailing what you offer for retrofitting products is none Existent you guys really need to hire some more professional video production entities to formulate more elaborative and exposing run downs of what you offer on different vehicle models. Hopefully this isn’t ignored complaints or I will end up not being a long term holder in this company.