@Dont_Short_Me__Plz @Dc3085 So Goat, can I ask what stocks you have in your portfolio that you are not shorting??? A while back You said Ford was one, IYO what is your timeline for F to actually see a significant increase in value?? Louis Navellier also likes F longterm. IYO, what company has the highest upside which you are invested or watching??? Thanks, 🙏
@flcountryboy Amzn is the only stock in my portfolio I won't short. As for F, it all depends on how closely they stick to their EV transition. They dropped the ball when they failed to optimized their supply chain, which we already knew they struggled with post covid, (I made a post about my concern with supply constraints, specifically w/ EV batteries, but Ford's supply shortage issues turned out to be more significant than that, unfortunately.) They reshuffled leadership and brought in new silicon valley talent to fix these ongoing issues. It'll take time,but I think F could reach mid 20's next year.