$VXX STCMVF settled @ 30.486 (-1.9%). The short-term constant-maturity VIX futures (STCMVF) is a weighted average of the current front- and back-month VIX futures contracts. It is a benchmark for the short-term volatility ETPs (e.g., VXX, VIXY, SVXY, UVXY, TVIX) and compares to the S&P 500 30-day volatility index ($VIX), which is derived from $SPX options. STCMVF is an ideal but inaccurate reflection of portfolios held by the volatility ETPs, and STCMVF resets its value on a daily basis, discounting loss from prior contracts; SPVIXST is another benchmark that includes prior contract loss. The posted quote is derived from VIX futures daily settlement.
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