@DrCooper Doc any rally in USD will be short lived and impotent imo and commodities will be the winner in long run with 0% interest rates to 2022 and all the stimulus by Fed. Should be looking to accumulate miners and metals on dips for a longer hold to 2022 and score big $.
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@ZedProfit $GDX fails to break out today, showing a bearish engulfing candle. Metals and miners will break out soon one way or another, but I still favor the short side. When an entire sector ($GDXJ) rallies over 340% in 6 months (from 19.52 to 65.95), the risk and reward does not favor the bulls. I know that there's a chance of an upside breakout, but I wouldn't long here. If miners rally big from here, I will gladly miss it.
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