@Cobra289 Another perspective....using the $.14 sp, $5million dollars would equate to approximately 35.7million shares or, again approximately 1/3 of all shares traded on Tuesday. IF Maxim were responsible for running the SP up: 1. Do you think that $0.07 per share would be worth the effort? 2. Tuesdays chart (and I am not an expert) doesn't seem to show large block buys nor does it show large block sells as it would relate to the shared available to Maxim. It seems to me that the start of the day, there was already buying happening in anticipation of 11/15, then the "fake" news article hit. I personally believe that with the buying at hand, the misunderstanding of the article, alerts going out at 5% and 10%, messages between chat boards about a "runner" created FOMO and drove the price higher than it would been otherwise. Just my observation.
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