$SPRT some Hype for the gang Some of the numbers that are being quoting (like $100) are not outrageous at all. GME went from $20 on Jan 12th to $347 on Jan 27th. And that's without a forced merger when all outstanding short shares (90% of all shares available) MUST be returned. Even better is that GME was pretty much ONLY retail investors holding. This time institutional investors are involved (Greenidge and insiders own 76% of all shares available). They are not gonna sell. An example of when institutions got involved with a short squeeze, is Volkswagen in 2008. VW stock went from around $160 a share to just under $900 a share. So even though I don't like people throwing out numbers... $100 a share for this stock is probably a low ball estimate. Very good chance it's going to reach GME levels or higher. Either way I'm holding till merger date. See you all on the moon! 😎👍🏻💎🙌