I think you misunderstood my point. $TSM is 13% of the holdings of $SMH. $NVDA is another 8%. Both were down today, $TSM down sharply. Yet $SMH closed green. Trying to figure that out...
@Birdseyeview @Dr_Stoxx That's because TSM is a different kind of chip company. They are the chip of the chips if you know what I am mean. TSM is like the atom and the rest are like molecules. TSM has way more leverage. MU and the rest of the crowd are like "middlemans". They rely on TSM. That is why TSM is not affected my trade war or recessions. Its a necessity of necessities. Not everything in eletronics need MU or NVDA, INTEL, Qualcomm, etc. But everything in electronics have some sort of source and fabrication coming from TSM.
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