I appreciate your concern, but with due respect, the market is trading on Covid news. We all need to keep alert to what is actually happening, not what the media are feeding us, so we can make competent investment decisions. The market is at the tail end of the Greatest Quarter in History and so many have missed it -- or worse, they've been SHORTING it -- because they are listening to journalists with an agenda, not those in a position to know what is really going on. My members have not missed it, however, because we saw early (from March 16) that the selloff was unsubstantiated. So, I'll keep putting out what I see...you are free to do the same. God willing, we will all come through this together and can soon get back to some degree of normalcy. God bless...
@Dr_Stoxx @FOK_dat I think you should stop saying and putting out information that is way out of your scope. Keep to stocks. Thanks.
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