Morning Update: DrStoxxTrading Room "Morning, what a nice surprise to see so many of our longs UP and most of our bearish plays also moving the right direction. I don't expect the rest of the day to be this easy, however. We've got retail sales data on tap tomorrow and given that is a key sector right now, I expect some positioning today. We started to see last week a move out of tech and into smallcap/energy/value/healthcare and that should continue this week. But what I like to see is our "open up" plays rallying like crazy this morning despite bad Covid news. The $MRNA vaccine news is the key there. So...all well and good with what we have on. My plan is to sit on my hands for at least the first 30minutes unless a good looking "lotto" play shows up in my alerts. Then we'll see where we're at. Stay tuned..."