DrStoxxTrading Room: updated stats The room is open 9:00 am, EST, to 4 pm, EST. Dr. Stoxx is the primary moderator. All stock and ETF picks include clear entry, stop-loss, and exit guidance. Holds can last several hours or several days/weeks. NEW: After Chart Chat with Dr. Stoxx in a dedicated Discord Room. Link to join: stocktwits.com/r/DrStoxxTra... 2/15/19 launch to 11/16/2020: 2,367 trades. 1,620 wins. +1.22% ROI per trade. Average holding time: 2.2 days. If $5,000 is put into each trade, your total profit: $144,387 ROI on a $50,000 account: +288.8% in just 18.5 months! [uncompounded] NEW Day-Trade OPTIONS ALERTS: 77 alerts. 46 wins. Average gain per alert: +49.4% (most are daytrades)!