DrStoxxTrading Room: Morning Comments "Morning all. Retail sales came in better than expected and that's keeping a bid under the futes this morning. Real strength is seen in the smallcaps after a deep cut low yesterday printed at support. Lots going on today: need to see how this green open holds up. The pattern lately has been a sharp fade off opening gaps up, which is typically when markets are near highs. I still think we get a rollover in the $QQQ - $SPY group but might not happen today. Things got a big push in that direction yesterday, but it was a buy the dip moment. My plan today is to focus on quality stocks trading at support (I have a few industrial names like $XXX $XXX and $XXXX, transports like $XXX $XXX, and homebuilers names, maybe $XXXX, maybe $XXXX)...and then spend an hour or so rolling out the DDS set and tending to our CC positions. Then will jump over to DISCORD for a LIVE UPDATE later this morning. Stay tuned! Busy day ahead!!"