$LLNW A nickel's worth of free advice, you don't have to listen to me, or anybody else on this board if you know how to DD. I don't need to come here for DD, I do that all on my own. I come here for different opinions and quite frankly, to help new people out because I am forever appreciative of those that have helped me out and I pay it forward. Don't focus on the price action if you are already in deep, just try and get the best average you can. If you miss the bottom on a winner, it's only going to be short term. How do you know it's a winner? Are they profitable? Yes Are they growing revenues? Yes, and quickly. Do they have a healthy balance sheet? Yes, very litle debt and a stick of cash. Do they have good counter parties and customers? Some of the best. Are their customers doing well? They are all crushing it and even EXPANDING. Is their management astute and focused? They 100% are. Speaking with them directly helps you gauge this. Also level of service.
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