$BCRX It's MATH TIME! Recently did a polling of 150 US physitians and patients specifically in HAE to find out some statistics. In this study, 41% said they would immediately put all their patients on the pill in the US. Currently, there are 10000 known HAE patients in the US. Only 7500 are actually getting drugs from doctors, the rest don't want an injection, so they just "deal" with it due to"burden of care" with injections. 41% of 7500 is 3,075 Assume some of the remaining 2500 not on ANY treatment come off the sidelines and get the pill to try it as it's so much easier. Let's be MEGA conservative and let's say only 10% or 250 Add that to our 41% or 3,075 you have a conservative 3325 patients that go on it in the US alone. This is ONLY USA. 500K per patient per year, payers agreed and are ready to pay this. = $1.662 billion annually. That's JUST the US and that's straight up using their own research. They WENT WAY CONSERVATIVE with 500 M estimate.
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