$ONCT Gonna just throw this out there. They have 13 cancer indications with which they can reach, and several trials going on, but I'm going to focus on one, the one we have the most recent data on. MCL data was extraordinary and possibly commanding accelerated approval from the FDA. Let's assume all these signs, the loading, the heavy stock price movement, the new tutes, and the cleaning up of options legaleze all points to FDA accelerated approval. You simply have to look at the combo drug to see our instant market. Not a ramp up into sales... I mean.. INSTANT. If you are already a patient on Ibrutinib, you WILL be put into the combo upon accelerated approval. Currently, Ibrutinib gets 4.2bn a year in revenues as 2nd line SOC. Bolt on ONCT's drug and give it a smaller percentage of cost as it's the secondary combo, it gets easily 600M a year in revenues. 600M of INSTANT revenue a year puts us easily in a 3.5bn to 4.5bn range on ONE DRUG. That's $71 to $85 pps