$BCRX Things I am thankful for this year. I am thankful to all the employees of BCRX for their hard work and continued success. Special shoutout to Jon, Bill, Helen, Anthony, and of course... Charlie. I am thankful for the patients choosing to take a leap at improving their quality of life and trying our therapies. I am thankful for being able to triple my net worth this year thanks to BCRX and able to buy a beautiful home at a great interest rate and put 35% down in straight cash. Thankful for all those on here that actually put forth effort to DD on a normal basis and share their findings with all. Special shoutouts to @JohnnyTradeTracker , @ThirdEyeHoldings , @maphere and @bio99 . I am very thankful for the block feature. I am very thankful for learning the power of options and how to best leverage them to meet all my investing goals.