@Draco1268 do you really think that your bet and little classroom fight on a website is of any interest to the investment community ... take it somewhere else if you were truly honest, you would indeed notice that the CRL is not ending the process, there are asking for a continuation of the regenerate study and additional data. You would also admit that this is quite a surprise and not very clean practice from the FDA. And finally admit you had no more clue than the whole market about it. So stop polluting the board with your childish irrelevant posts. And yes this wall if full of pumps and also full of dumps .. try no be neither nor, but an interesting addition to the debate about ICPT. This company is facing some really serious challenges now and it might not survive. But your bile is not needed
@amstragram the point of all these posts is @The_Peter_Rabbit made a bet and agreed to delete his account with a CRL! Plain and simple. Currently he still has his account active! So what is your take now? And the FDA DOES NOT ISSUE a Denial. It is always a CRL. READ IT UP!