$OPK In may 18 when the price was ~2.73 , I created this MOGA cup " MAKE OPK GREAT AGAN" and make a prediction using Technical analysis and able to make a prediction that OPK will be 4.75 on June time frame . And I came very closed to my prediction ! So technical analysis is the best tool to make prediction on OPK in short term ! In July 22 , one my buddy (@Champignon) post my prediction . Again I was using Chart Technical analysis Elliot 5 Wave and Quantum law of gap to predict the ending of Wave 4 . I said it very clearly could see wave 4 ending between 5.10 and 5.33 .. Did we see that on last Friday ? YES we did ... I also set don't be afraid of buying . On Friday I bought ~3K and if drops more Monday I will buy more .. I believe Technical Analysis will give you a good tool of making money . Note I will never be 100% correct but 65%
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