$VAL Good morning $VAL family! I haven’t received any warrants in my TD Ameritrade account yet. But, in my E*Trade account, I received 3,923 VAL.WS shares from 142,688 old VALPQ shares (142,688/36.36=3,924.31). 142,688 old shares included 40,000 shares that I bought in April 2021. Total cost for my 142,688 old shares is around $13,775 with the average of $0.09654 per share. IMO, if you want to exit your warrants to break even or make profit from your original investment without waiting for new $VAL share to hit $138.88 to exercise your warrant as a coupon to purchase new $VAL share, you can average down your warrants. $VAL already hit all time low. It’s just up from here. Glta!