$SBE $KCAC $IPOB @DreamingOwl @spacrider can you guy comment and re-visit the SPAC attack in Sep/Oct that some Tutes SPAC holder (big funds) were involved in playing game and coordinately taking down SPAC in Sep/early October? If I remember correctly, they manipulated SPACs price and inflated the price and made retails chasing SPACs and then suddenly rug pulled??? IMO, they are more concerning that PIPE, which can't do anything until ticker switch.
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@Kornie7 @DreamingOwl Tutes loaded HYLN @30 and it quickly climbed up to $50 and the big guys dumped it. FSR, VLDR all had similar price actions. It’s a good idea to book profits like You and Goat do consistently. BTW, can You/ @TraderGOAT explain SOLO and AYRO’s run up with their ugly cars 🤔😲?
@spacrider @Kornie7 What spacrider said. Here is a proof of how WS (MM& tutes) manipulate SPACs and lured us retails into ecstasy then dumped on us at once. Shorted to obliviation.... Me included, I think many of us lost tons of profits. I for one didn’t take enough profits (trim positions) when all of them peaked in early September. I really didn’t expect such strong down upward corrections AFTER a whole month of torture (August). I put together 7 charts from the early crops of SPACs, and besides of MM/tutes bullying, I couldn’t think of a reason to have such synchronous price action, given that they are from different sectors, generally speaking.