$EVFM Looks like there are lots of whiners on here again to day. I have to admit the conspiracy theories and imagination of some on here are pretty funny. Where do you come up with this stuff? Surely not from any tangible facts otherwise you'd produce them. I suppose misery likes company and this certainly is a good place to find misery. If you were all so brilliant you wouldn't have bet your life savings on any one stock as it appears some of you have. The asset EVFM has is a great one, clinical trials are showing very promising results thus far, expenses are down and scripts are up. They have some amazing opportunities unfolding soon that shouldn't be ignored. BUT I really believe they could cure cancer and all you that moan and groan would still continue doing so. Apparently you just like to be miserable.
@SteveW1967 The stock is down close to 100 percent over the past 18 months. Defending management is pointless unless you are relative, husband or boyfriend of someone who works there. I have worked for multiple startups and when a company is struggling, C level usually takes pay cuts and tries tondo everything possible to lower expenses. I am long here and regret it big time. I have lost all faith and consider this a 100 percent loss and if I want to be unhappy or call things out, I will. Luckily the rest of my investments are doing much better over the same time frame. In the end, it all equals itself out.