$KTOV Good morning! Catching up on a few things, if deal was discussed in May the DO couldโ€™ve been to maximize leverage, cash on hand, etc. Also DO do no cause dilution and the decision makers got there shares already as did all the institutions who have loaded up past few months. Second I think BCTG is to complete an acquisition of KTOV for LLY. The long build up to this point is not just that KTOV was an international company but also needed to complete an RS, gain compliance, and likely the extraordinary meeting to meet certain requirements of a deal. Once compliance was met KTOV has released PR including first dosing with no pump/real PR. Also the first dosing filing had no mention of Erbitux which was updated in the clinical site the same day LLY loan was officially closed. BCTG being for KTOV is speculation however I feel like based off the Erbitux link, Boxer groups relation with LLY, and the timelines matching up to a T it not just a crazy theory but an educated guess.
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