$NOVN This is an excellent take.
$NOVN If you are long, this is all great. I am not selling until this hits a heck of a lot higher than $5.27, so really don't care that day-traders are taking profits and slowing down the SP growth. What is important is that 1) no doubt NOVN will get an extension and the RS is a non-issue, 2) Covid is a cherry on top of a lot of developing applications in NOVN's bag, 3) BUT, that being said, an application that stops SARS' viruses dead in their tracks is HUGE, and no way there is not a significant partnership coming down the road with one of the big boys (and perhaps even a large government grant and an emergency use acceleration of the FDA review). Does not hurt that the Administration's Cancer Doctor was just recently on NOVN's board of directors so naive to think that there are no high level FDA people looped into NOVN's Covid application as we speak.
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