The thing is they could have prevented a lot of it by acting fast .. by learning from others.. Canada Is the same shit
@Partridge The most sensitive people #1 are chemo patients. They are the weakest targets. My ex girl friends son is terminal at 15 years old with a prognosis of 1-2 yesrs and could not get him placed in hospice fast enough because of the panic. That is a travesty no parent should have to go through. Second would be elderly and third is younger with medical conditions and even more so people with respiratory conditions. My update from the front line is "We are trying to board up the house during the hurricane". Luckily all staff is covid free including myself. healthy people need to stay home for the sake of our nation's vulnerable population. I had 1 N95 issued to me with a trauma shield and a paper bag to be reused and still has not been replaced. I am at work right now but luckily people are not coming in.
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