$ATNF So If I understand the Dupuytren’s disease treatment and Frozen shoulder correctly we are basically copying a well known extremely expensive proven blockbuster drug (Humera)adalimumab and going to alter it slightly and then sell it for frozen shoulder and Dupurytrens disease. So if someone can correct me since this is just a bio-similar drug if 180 life science can sell it cheaper than Humera can doctors just prescribe off label use of our new drug and make money off other diseases as doctors prescribe it for off label instead. Looks like this biosimilar drug is going to get approved. Are other biosimilar Humera drugs going to be able to treat Dupuytren’s diesease or do they have to go to clinical trials?
@Drunkcowsmoo They have patents to use adalimumab for DD. No one else can use it for this condition until the patents expire. They can tie up with a biosimilar company and sell the drug. In europe, Humira is out of patent protection, so they can market it once it’s approved there. They can do the same in US starting 2023