$XAIR the constant delays(4th delay now) and CEO getting very defensive and aggressive anytime he’s asked about delays with PMA and connected to Israel (land of scam companies) are ALL massive Red Flags 🚩 They have been telling the same story for over 2 years but still can’t seem to file a PMA. Only one patient enrolled in covid study so far. What are they really doing sitting around? They have no other studies happening other than the ONE covid patient they have enrolled. Do they even show up to work? If so, what do they do? If something they claimed was in final stages of being finished in precovid days and now they might have it done by end of September. From final stages to needing 3 more months while they have absolutely nothing else going on. Red flag after red flag. This stock will sink hard over summer with no catalyst left. I had a very large position and have dumped majority of my shares today.
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