$AMC I stepped away from here for a MH break and come back to find some genius has whispered in your ear and told you to “stop buying and just hold”! The worst part is those of you who are repeating it! Remember! The basics of this play haven’t changed, PERIOD! Whoever started this “stop buying and just hold” STFU YOU DIRTY SHILL! They have been working quietly to minimize the fallout that the MOASS will create and that comes down to one thing, THE NUMBER OF SYNTHETIC SHARES THEY HAVE TO BUY BACK! If we stop buying we are only making it easier for them! Many of you are becoming distracted, board, exhausted and just plain tired of the crooks on Wall Street and in DC beating you down daily! Well muscle up cupcakes coz it’s going to get worse before it gets better BUT it is going to get better! Stay the course! Continue buying, continue HOLDING! Stop pissing away your hard earned money on Crapto and distraction tickers! Keep fueling this rocket and have your bags packed for liftoff!!!