$CATV hello everyone, would love to post again since it seems some longs don’t scroll the feed at all and this should be hopefully for new investors as well. Yesterday the website was updated 4cabletvint.com/ CanIt Industries was listed under “brands” I Comply was listed on the “About us” section Cannabis Acquisition and Trading venture was noted on the top of the “about us” section We also got to see that new disclosures/filings were uploaded to OTCMARKETS which I’m assuming relate to the name change. None of these things have been officially stated by CATV yet. We should except a slurry of PR’s over the coming month. Also note that April harvest is coming up as well as Q1 financials being out by 5/15. Final thing, this was never a cable company and the current management has never been a part of cable. This has management has only been Cannabis. Here’s to the start of something great! 🍻