$GHSI Soon you’ll all come to realize that GHSI won the lottery with Covid. GHSI, an ocular health company “beaten down” by the pandemic, when in fact it forced everyone to exponentially increase the damage they’re doing to their eyes staring at electronic screens all day, blasting your retina with blue light. Epiq-V does give us access to the energy drink, athlete, and gamer markets (massive markets beyond aging boomers to be sure). But Covid...this event gives GHSI access to the entire civilized world, perhaps even to a point where our products are subsidized by governments and/or the WHO. Asia is going to be a cash cannon for us in short order, and our broad & deep IP portfolio will soon be licensed to major players like Nestle, Bausch & Lomb, or Abbot Labs for $100M+ deals for Lumega-Z and GlaucoCetin. Blockbuster studies will be announced by our science & medical advisory boards and wholly owned subsidiaries (Nutriguard), and new M&A’s will accelerate our growth further still ⏰💣
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