$GNUS I don’t know if pulling the show off YouTube right now is the right direction for revenue, viewership and advertising. My point being the commercials revenue that’s on YouTube can be used toward purchasing products for the merchandise as well as other projects within the company. YouTube also gain more exposure to the targeted audience by the video just showing up and kids clicking on it with there devices. (I have small children new videos show up on their to view list and their to small to know how to download the app, I have downloaded the app as an investor) the point of SHK being on YouTube it also showcase to many of investors media outlets how many viewers (1.5 million) were watching around the world, where inside the app, we can not see how many people are watching the show, that information will not be provided right away. I think pulling it prematurely might work against us. Maybe keeping it even having 20 mins of viewing and the ending being a required to download?