$HIMX @handsomeharry what day did Najarian pump the 10 calls ? I have fewer tomorrows than yesterdays but I am dedicating the remainder of my time on this earth to putting these folks in silver bracelets. The Najarians are filthy and hiding behind proxies, Jonathan among them IMO. And they have Asian help, bet on it. There is no denying the deed of 2017, you think Najarian showing up after 5 years was a coincidence with Andy currently under investigation. If the authorities dig deep enough they'll discover the truth, gotta keep hounding them to look. SEC has to have a data base of transactions. How hard could it be in today's world to query that data for HIMX transactions, then query those results again for repetitious activities, and then match names to accounts to find and ID the cabal. Heck, We may have a RICO case here.